All About a Canadian Work Permit Visa

A developed country, ranking amongst the highest in the quality of life, Canada is one of the largest economies of the world. With a nominal GDP of more than $50,000, the country is home to people from all over the world. These individuals travel thousands of miles in search for a higher standard of life, which Canada very happily provides. In order to establish oneself financially in the country, a Canadian Work Permit Visa is required for everyone who’s coming in. This paper ensures that the individual is given full access to the local markets and industry and is allowed to work in any particular job.

Getting the visa surely isn’t a piece of cake. There is a litany of requirements that needs to be fulfilled in order to be considered for the privilege. The requirements include leaving the country upon visa expiration, proving yourself to be worthy prospective resident, establishing a flawless criminal record, plus a bank balance that can ensure that you’ll be cool to handle the expenses of yourself and your family.

To apply formally, there are a couple of documents required. You’ll need a picture identity of yourself that needs to be sent to the embassy of Canada. Along with that, you’ll need to assure the government that you’ve been offered employment and you’ll join as soon as you enter the country. In addition to this, the embassy may ask for further documents as proof of your financial status.

Once you have all of the documents that are listed on the Canadian Government’s website, you’ll need to download the official application and fill it up entirely. Once complete, the form will be submitted along with the entailing processing charges and in this way, your application will enter the procedure.

The government doesn’t mention that time after which you’ll be informed of the status of your application. The time span can be as short as a couple of days or as long as months. The only way to stay updated to be hooked to the embassy. The officials might also ask for medical exams, interviews etc. and you’ll be duly notified when something like that is needed.

If you’re given the green signal, you’ll be handed your documents back along with the acceptance letter which you’ll use to enter the country. Otherwise, you’ll be explained why you were rejected, so that you can reapply accordingly.

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