Are You A Skilled Worker? Find Out How You Can Make A Career In Australia


Whether you are a trained architect, medical expert, mechanical engineer or any kind of skilled worker for that matter – skilled migration in Australia presents many glorious career opportunities for you.

Thanks to its growing economy and world class amenities, Australia is one of the most desired and favored countries for skilled migration.

Facts suggest that in the year 2015-2016, the country had over 128,500 places available under its General Skilled Migration program. Skilled migration program allows you to gain a permanent Australian visa; based on your qualifications, work experience and language ability.

How Does Australian Skilled Migration Visa Work?

The Australian Skilled Migration Visa allows highly skilled migrants to move to Australia, in order to fill shortages in the Australian workforce.

If you get a skilled migration visa, it allows you to live and work in the country for an indefinite period. Also, it happens to be a multiple entry visa. To apply for this visa, you will have to fulfill certain conditions as laid by the Australian Immigration.

Skilled Migration Visa Requirements

Age: To apply for skilled migration visa, you should be under 50.

Language: In order to live and work in the country, it is mandatory that you have ample knowledge of English language. You may require passing the language proficiency test.

Skilled occupation: When applying for the skilled migration visa, you must ensure that your skill is listed in Australia’s Skilled Occupation List.

Skills assessment: Your skills must be assessed before visa application. The assessment of skills is carried by the Australian Assessing Authority elected to review your nominated occupation.

Health assessment: In order to be eligible for the visa, you need to be in good health and get your health evaluated by a panel doctor. You may even be required to undergo a medical examination.

Character assessment: Finally, your character too plays an important role in your eligibility for the visa type. Designated immigration authorities take a personal interview to determine your personality and character as a part of the process.

The Process

Australian skilled migration visa has three different types, and the entire process works on points system – wherein points are awarded for each of the requirements as listed above. You can apply for one of the suitable categories, only after you meet the total points requirement.

Once you score the number of points as desired, the visa is applied and processed for the final stage.

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