Australia Needs Skilled Workers

Are you thinking about moving to beautiful and exciting Australia? Why not? Australia is known for a high standard of living. It was one of the few developed countries to survive the global economic slowdown. Due to labor shortages, the government of Australia is inviting individuals from other countries who want to live and work in Australia. If you would like to immigrate and live there, Pathways Visa can help.

You may be qualified to immigrate under Australia’s Skilled Migration Program. This program is designed to attract people from Dubai, the UAE and other countries who have skills or abilities that contribute to the Australian economy. Priority processing is being given to applicants who are immigrating to a regional area, and who have been sponsored by an employer or nominated by a state or territory under the State Migration Plan/Regional Migration Plan. These visas are available to you if you are a skilled worker or a skilled temporary resident currently residing in Australia. The visa allows you and your family members to work in regional, remote or low-population areas of Australia. With this Visa, you can also live and work in Australia on a permanent basis and study in Australia at a school or university. There are, however, basic requirements you must meet for an Australia Skilled Migration Status. To learn more, contact Pathways Visa at 04 456 1304 or email us on