Australian Skilled Migration Visa

If You Want An Australian Skilled Migration Visa, The Time To Act Is Now.  There Is A Big Demand For Skilled Workers.  However, The Australian Government Can Terminate The Program At Any Time.

The government of Australia has made significant reforms to their skilled labour immigration programme in the last two years. 

A new skilled migrant selection register, SkillSelect was put in place that combines the old employer nomination scheme (ENS) and the regional sponsored migration scheme (RSMS).  This is because so many people from the UAE and other countries want to immigrate to Australia under the Australian Skilled Migration Visa program.

However, the process is totally driven by the skilled labour demand in Australia. The government will stop or start the intake of applications at will, depending on their need for skilled workers.

The Australian Government Is Very Selective. Your Paperwork Must Be Completed Perfectly, and Your Responsibilities Met, Or You Will Be Denied.

The Australian government has tried to simplify the Skilled Migration Visa process, however this can be deceptive.   If you apply, and your official documents are not perfectly in order, you can easily be denied.

According to Rasheed Backer, registered migration agent (RMA) of Australian Immigration and Citizenship Services, “It may look simple, but the applicant would still need to make sure that all required paper work is available. There is a shortage of skills in Australia at the moment. The government is keen on inviting migrants to the country, but applies a very tough selection procedure…the government has the freedom to decide who to select and when.”

To Be Approved for an Australian Skilled Migration Visa, You Must Meet Three Important Criteria.

  1. Your Occupation or Skill Must Be On The Skills Shortage List. This List includes various occupations and skills. You will need to be on this list to apply for Australian Skilled Migration.
  2. You Must Have A Certain Number of Points. Points are based on: Your age, your work experience, your trade or occupation and your ability to understand and speak English.

You Must File an Application Based On Your Skills. Skills assessments are based on your post-secondary educational background and work experience.

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