Australian Visa for Skilled workers – a positive impact on Economy in 2015

The 2015 analysis report regarding Australia’s economic and living standard confirms that the country will welcome more than 250,000 migrants every year in order to continue the increase and growth of the country.

Even better news! The Migration Council of Australia report shows the deep positive impact on population growth, wages and incomes of employment, labor participation and net productivity, generated all by a healthy sustained immigration policy. According to the report, the migration to Australia process is defined as future prosperity, and that the impact of migration of skilled workers has raised tremendously some sectors of productivity.

The prediction of the analysis mentions a 28 million population in Australia by 2015 and that the Australian migration will contribute with around 1.6 trillion to the GDP and a 5,9 growth of GDB per capita by that date.
So in the end, the skilled workers program is making Australia’s economy exciting and the employment growing.

The best news comes for the skilled workers and highly trained professionals.2015’s migration policy focuses on “prime working sectors and higher education immigrants that can have a positive impact on employment rate and country development”.

By 2050, migration will ensure Australia remains a highly skilled nation, as it will have led to a 60.4% increase in the population with a university education,’ as written in the report.

The report expresses that migration will push up Australia’s economy in the future so for all of you skilled workers out there, opportunity just knocked on the door.

It seems Australia wants you.

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