Canada Visa Consultants in Dubai – Responsibilities and Job Description

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If you hold a degree in a course that involves tourism or anything that is related to air travel, then one of the best careers for you to take is being one of the immigration consultants or, more specifically, one of the Canada visa consultants in Dubai. Such a profession would allow you to grow or develop not only as a practitioner of the industry but also as a person. It offers promising rewards and challenges that can hone your skills and keenness in handling more difficult and complex jobs in the future.

Although it is one of the best paths to take, you should first know what Canada visa consultants in Dubai do and don’t do before applying to be one. The position has a broad range of responsibilities which cover customer support tasks and, at the same time, duties that are related to management of the operations. Thus, one of the key responsibilities of an immigration or visa consultant is to monitor the whole process from ensuring the smoothness of the system down to resolving customer concerns.

It is also the responsibility of Canada visa consultants in Dubai to maintain an excellent and harmonious connection among his team. If there are conflicts between his subordinates or between him and his other coworkers, it is his duty to attend to them and fix the issue. Also, he must make sure that the flow of work or procedures involved in a visa application do not suffer from any errors or malfunction.

Canada visa consultants in Dubai represent their agency or company as they interview visa applicants as well. They have the right set of probing and validation questions to make sure that every applicant deserves to have his or her visa approved. They must do a thorough background check, must look at all the applicants’ credentials, and must have the right set of questions to ask the applicant. If they somehow show a little discrepancy or inconsistency with their statements and provided documents, a reference call can be made to  verify their identity and reason for leaving the country.

Canada visa consultants in Dubai also make sure that all deadlines are met, especially the ones that are implemented by the government. All papers or documents that should be submitted for the clearance of each applicant must be accomplished before their due, so that means pressure on your part. That said, you must be able to work, or better yet, work more efficiently when there are time constraints. Aside from the paperwork, it is also their duty to inform the applicants about the fees involved in their application, but it must all be done politely. Such is so, otherwise it may cause confusion and frustration at the applicant’s end.

One of the basic responsibilities of an immigration or visa representative is to answer all queries by the client or visa applicant. Aside from that, it is also a must that the latest policies and laws are implemented within the agency or at least your department to avoid technical problems with the government’s verification. Lastly, you must also be capable of training those who are new to the system, especially if they are under your supervision.

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