Canadian Federal Skilled Work Visa or Quebec Skilled Worker Visa – Which One’s Right for You?


People looking for skilled migration visa in Canada, often come across the two terms: Canadian Federal Skilled Work Visa & Quebec Skilled Worker Visa.

Many think that the two visa types are same, but the fact is that these two are completely different visa programs and have separate set of visa requirements. Applying for any of the two visa types depends as to which part of Canada you want to work in.

Let us have a look at each and understand which visa type suits you the best.

Canadian Federal Skilled Work Visa

The Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Visa applies to all territories in Canada except Quebec. Its applications are sent to the Canadian High Commission. To apply for this visa type, you must have one year of continuous full-time work experience in a single occupation.

Furthermore, you will have to meet the minimum language requirements in English or French. You may also be required to give the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) to prove your efficiencies in all four language skill areas including of reading, writing, speaking and listening. While applying for this visa type, you will also be required to prove that you have adequate funds to support yourself and the dependents once you immigrate to Canada.

Canadian Federal Skilled Work Visa checks your eligibility criteria on the basis of a point system, which targets your education, language skills, work experience, age, arranged employment and adaptability.

Quebec Skilled Worker Visa

Quebec Skilled Worker Visa allows you to work only in Quebec, until a specific time period. Once you complete the time duration, you are allowed to relocate and work in any part of Canada.

Quebec has its own immigration process and the applications for this visa type are sent to the Quebec Immigration Authorities. To apply for this visa, you must have a diploma that corresponds to a Secondary School Diploma in Quebec. You also need to have 6 months of eligible work experience.

In order to successfully apply for a Quebec Skilled Worker Visa, you are required to pass the Test du Evaluation du Francais (TEF) exam or the Test Du Evaluation du Francais pour le Quebec (TEFaq) exam, which proves your French language ability. The results for TEF and TEFaq stand valid for a period of two years.

Similar to the Canadian Federal Skilled Work Visa, Quebec Skilled Work Visa also checks your eligibility criteria on the basis of point system.

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