Canadian Immigration

Great news! The Canadian Authorities still haven’t closed their occupation capps for Immigration! This means you can STILL APPLY! Whether you are a Financial Consultant, Engineer, Nurse, or an IT Specialist, or even if you are a Technician, CANADA WANTS YOU! They are an extensive list with almost 51 occupations, which includes professionals from almost every category, whether its engineering, medical Finance or IT. Our experts at PathwayVisas have all the details!

Hurry up and get in touch! Canadian authorities will be assessing applications on the basisof a points system, In order to qualify you must have the occupation on their NOC list and must score a minimum of 67 points! In order to know whether you qualify or not log on to our website at and fill out our FREE online assessment! One of our experts will get in touch with you and give you all the details you need to know!

CANADA IS WAITING FOR YOU and WE at Pathway visas are more than happy to help! Our consultants and lawyers have extensive experience and have helped many of our clients to achieve their goals and dreams! Give us a call or fill out our free online assessment so we can do the same for you!

What are you waiting for? Let’s get you to your desired destination!!!!