Score a Canadian Visa! Dubai Talks About Useful Interview Techniques.

Guy Doing An Interview

Canada is one of the major countries that require a visa to get in or out of. If you are from Dubai, you need to get yourself a Canadian visa by applying for one and getting approved by a visa agent or consultant. There are instances, however, wherein applications are denied—leaving people no choice but to simply try again after a specific number of months.

Although you can have multiple tries when applying for a Canadian visa, Dubai people don’t always have the time and resources to spare for going through the whole process over and over. See, getting a Canadian visa requires paying for fees and a huge amount of effort to accomplish. That said, not only is it costly if you don’t get it the first time, but it may also affect certain aspects of your life such as the people involved in your travel, business, and even your lifestyle in general.

So you wouldn’t want to go through all that trouble just to get turned down in the interview stage, yes?

Worry not, though, because we have a couple of tips for you to increase your chances of getting a Canadian visa. Dubai expects everyone to go through the interview, so below are some guidelines you might want to consider before and during your little chat with the agency representative:

  1. Be courteous

No one likes a rude, arrogant person, especially the guy who will approve your Canadian visa. Dubai people are naturally polite, so do your best not to curse, boast, nor behave inappropriately in any manner in front of the agent. When talking to him, you need to be attentive and listen carefully to everything he says. Make eye contact to assure him of your concentration and take down notes if you have to.

  1. Lessen untrue information

We all know you need to show proof when applying for a Canadian visa. Dubai visa agents would most likely ask for your documents to make sure that everything is just as you say. That said, you need to lay off with your lies and make sure you are telling the truth. Although there are times when you actually need to bend the truth a bit, you have to remember to minimize white lies to avoid being rejected.

  1. Make sure the agent is paying attention

There are many ways to tell if the person you are talking to acknowledges your presence and understands the things you say. Observe his actions before you answer questions and you can stop if he seems distracted. Wait for him to focus on your conversation before you provide your information to improve your odds of getting approved.

  1. Connect with the interviewer

No matter how exhausted, cranky, or insensitive the visa representative is, you always have to keep in mind that he is human, nevertheless. You have to find his soft spot and crack a few jokes once you do in order to establish an emotional bond with him. Put on a smile to neutralize any negativity in the room and stay optimistic. Do not overdo it, however, or else you might come off as obnoxious instead.

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