Different Australian Visa Types You Can Apply For


With its vast and wide-ranging landscapes, exceptional wildlife, and white-sand beaches – Australia enjoys a rich history and natural diversity. It is a developed nation with a strong economy, contemporary lifestyle, quality of life and social liberties.

Other than this, the country also has a high employment ratio. All these factors have contributed in establishing Australia as one of the most favored immigration countries in the world.

Whether you want to work in the country, study or just wish to explore its diversity; Australia welcomes you with open arms – all you need to do is get the right visa type.

Here’s our handy guide on the different Australian Visas to help you find what suits your needs.

Skilled Migration Visa: If you are a skilled worker, you are eligible to apply for an Australian work visa, under skilled migration. To apply under this category, you must fulfill the basic requirements and pass the point test of Australian Immigration.

Visitor Visa: This visa type is applicable to those who want to stay in the country for a period of 3 months. The visa is valid for 1 year from the date of issue and you can use it for multiple travels. Under this visa, you are not eligible to take up any work. This visa allows you to visit Australia for a holiday or recreation, or to visit family and/or friends for a stay.

Business Visa: You can apply for an Australian business visa if you own a successful business or if you are a senior executive at a large company. You can even apply for an investment visa if you wish to start a business in the country.

Partner Visa: If your partner is an Australian citizen, or has a permanent Australian visa, you are eligible to apply for a partner visa. Under this visa, your partner can sponsor you for a period of 2 years. After this, you may be eligible for a permanent visa if your relationship is genuine and continuing.

Student Visa: If you wish to study in Australia, you can apply for the Student Visa, and the application must be submitted only after you have received an offer from the chosen education institution. The requirements for an Australian student visa vary according to your country of origin and the course you intend to study.

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