Don’t Trust Just Any Immigration Company. You May Lose Your Money and Have No Visa To Show For It.

(April 29, 2014) Today, two of three Middle Eastern men claiming they were immigration counselors were charged in an immigration fraud scheme in Canada’s Halifax provincial court.

The Canada Border Services Agency arrested and charged the men with a number of counts of counseling misrepresentation under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. The charges relate to potential immigrants from the UAE, dating back to the year 2006.

The fraudulent immigration counseling company counseled applicants, took their money, and misrepresented their cases. These unsuspecting people ultimately learned that their visas were worthless. Thankfully, they were not prosecuted, only the men who pretended to be trustworthy immigration experts.

Cases like this happen around the world every day.  Innocent people are scammed, and their money taken from them, with no visas to show for it.

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