Escape from the dessert in Dubai to the green and lush country of Denmark

Denmark is praised as being one of the greenest countries in the world. Visas for Denmark from Dubai are not difficult for most to obtain, and Pathways Visa is here to assist and ensure your visa application for Denmark is in order. Failing to submit the proper documentation may result in unnecessary delays or rejection. Documents must be submitted in either English or Danish, and a translator who is legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE should perform the translations. 

If you don’t speak or write English or Danish, Pathways Visa has a legal translator who can assist you.  You must submit your visa application for Denmark about three weeks in advance of your travel to ensure you receive your Danish visa in time for your trip.  The purpose of your travel must be for  business, tourism, to visit friends or family, official, for medical reasons or for transit to another country.