Everything You Need To Be Eligible For a Family Visa For Canada


Wide open spaces, unrivalled nature and wildlife, not to mention growing opportunities for business owners and entrepreneurs – there’s no wonder Canada is the country on the lips of many considering immigrating. If you’re seeking the perfect, work-home life balance, the land of the maple leaf may be the place for you.

One of the least polluted countries in the world is surely an ideal environment in which to raise children, and business potential is augmented by Canada’s close ties to the neighbouring United States, as well as fellow North American nation, Mexico.

For those with a family, there has never been a better time to plan a move to Canada, due to the introduction of family visas within the Canadian immigration process. Applying for a Canadian visa means permanent residents can now sponsor their partners, parents, grandparents and dependent children for visas permitting entry into the country.

Once you have successfully sponsored a family member, they will be free to apply to become one of the 50,000 successful family visa holders per year now confirmed by the Canadian government. There is, of course, a set of Canadian immigration laws that must be met in order to become a successful applicant.

Firstly, The Canada Revenue Association will assess the income of the sponsoring person to ensure it meets the minimum rate required. The sponsor is obliged to confirm they are willing to be financially responsible for the family members applying for the visa. This period of financial responsibility will last for a 20-year period.

As part of this responsibility, sponsors repay their province for social assistance that is provided to their parents or grandparents, unless costs such as healthcare are included in the provincial package.

If you plan to sponsor children to immigrate to Canada, they will only be classed as a dependent if they are under the age of 19, unless there is evidence of a mental or physical disability.

As long as you can meet this list of requirements, there is every reason to look into how to apply for a Canadian visa, especially bearing in mind the admirable infrastructure set up by the Canadian government to support new immigrants to the country. There is a whole host of agencies and other bodies set up for the purpose of easing immigrants into Canadian life, which for some can be a huge culture shift, depending on their country of origin.

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