Everything You Need To Know Before Applying For an Australian Student Visa


Australia boasts over 1,200 institutions with more than 22,000 courses for international students to choose from, all of which promote high quality education. International students can trust their course will deliver high quality education, fully protected by the law, as all their studies must take place at an institution registered with the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS), which ensures consistent standards of education and training.

How can international students apply to study in Australia?

Potential students must apply to both their chosen Australian institution to enrol in a course, and to the Australian government to obtain their student visa. Student visa applications must be made no more than 124 days before the course is due to start.

The first step to take is to decide on your preferred course and place of study, and to submit your application to the institution. Once you have received an offer of a place and have accepted that offer, you will receive an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE). Only then should you begin your application for a student visa. The requirements for an Australian visa vary according to your country of origin and the course you intend to study.

What are the Australian study visa requirements?

For the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) to grant your visa, the following Australian student visa requirements must be met. If an Australian student visa requirement cannot be met, your visa application may not be successful.

Genuine student requirement – This takes into account your ability to obtain your desired educational outcome, such as your educational background, your ability to speak English, your age, and your financial situation.

Genuine temporary entrant requirement
– Students must demonstrate a genuine intention to stay in Australia temporarily for study purposes only. Factors considered include the situation in your home country, the expected circumstances for you in Australia, the value your course has for your future, and your immigration history. You may have to attend an interview to determine your status as a genuine temporary entrant.

English proficiency requirement – You must provide appropriate evidence of your English language skills, which varies depending on the category of applicant you are in. For some students, meeting the requirements of your chosen institution is sufficient, but for others more evidence will be needed, such as recent English language test scores provided by examiners such as IELTS or TOFEL. The required score depends on the level of course you’re applying for.

Financial requirement – Students must show they have enough money to pay for tuition, living costs and travel, which varies according to the category of applicant you are in. If you have dependents, such as a spouse or children, you must show how you can provide financially for them as well, whether or not they are coming with you to Australia.

Health requirements – Some students, such as those studying medicine, will need evidence of a health check carried out by an approved doctor to qualify for a student visa. All students except those coming from Belgium and Norway must also have Overseas Student Health Cover.

Character requirement – All students will be subject to a criminal record check and may also need a police statement from their home country.

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