How to Migrate to Canada – Learning the Similarities and Differences Between Dubai and Canada

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Migrating to another country is never easy. There are so many adjustments that you need to go through before you can truly call it your home. But before that, there is that thing about getting a visa so you are able to actually live there. Dubai citizens, for example, are keen on moving that they often search how to migrate to Canada on the internet.  While a lot of information that you could find on the internet is accurate, there are still many things that are not on there and it would be a waste of time and money to apply and get rejected because you need to submit more papers.

However, before you go and get a visa, let us compare the similarities and differences between these two great countries. Dubai citizens need to know what to expect before they move to a foreign country. After comparing, then you can go ahead and learn how to migrate to Canada.

The similarities between Dubai and Canada

  • Let’s start with the basics such as clothing. Although Dubai is an Arab nation, it has been greatly influenced by western countries when it comes to clothing. That means that you do not have to go and buy a whole new wardrobe if you do move to Canada.
  • Transportation is also the same; modern and can be easily accessed. Canada may be a huge land but they have found means for their citizens to travel conveniently. Ferries are also available if you need to go to some islands.
  • Education systems in both countries are good. Citizens can choose if they want their kids to go to a public school or a private school.
  • When it comes to entertainment, Canada also has its fair share. Dubai is known to be the business capital of the state and there is no shortage of entertainment but you will also find that Canada is not going get left behind either.

How are the two countries different?

  • The most obvious would be the type of government. Dubai has an absolute monarchy type of government while Canada is democratic. Know the difference between the two types and you’re set.
  • Climate. You will experience four seasons in Canada; winter, spring, summer and autumn. Dubai, on the other hand, is mostly hot and dry the entire year. So, if you are looking forward to experiencing a different season, you will find that all that in Canada. However, moving to the northern part of the country may be a bit too drastic if you are used to the heat. Northern Canada has an extreme winter so consider carefully which state you want to settle in.
  • Social status in Canada is not as important as it is in Dubai.

Knowing the differences and the similarities between two countries will help you a lot in your decision to move. Let Pathway Visas help you out with your visa application should you decide to do so. Learn more about how to migrate to Canada here.