New In-Demand Occupations Make It Easier Than Ever To Immigrate To South Australia!

During the past month, the South Australian government published a new, State-Nominated Occupations List. This List denotes 18 new “in-demand” occupations that South Australia is looking to fill. They include:

  1. Medical Administrator
  2. Health and Welfare Services Managers
  3. Customer Service Manager
  4. Equipment Hire Manager
  5. Financial Investment Adviser
  6. ICT Trainer
  7. Librarian
  8. Database Administrator
  9. Intellectual Property Lawyer
  10. Pharmacy Technician
  11. Cook
  12. Shearer
  13. Hairdresser
  14. Gas or Petroleum Operator
  15. Fire Protection Equipment Technician
  16. Diversional Therapist
  17. First Aid Trainer

They have created of two separate lists: the State Occupation List (available to all applicants), and the South Australian Graduates List, that is only available to international graduates who have completed a bachelor’s degree or higher at a South Australian university.
To qualify for nomination by the South Australian government, you must:

  • Meet other basic eligibility requirements, such as age,
  • Have a thorough understanding of the English language,
  • Provide details of your financial capacity, and
  • Demonstrate your commitment to South Australia.

These requirements must be completed before lodging an application for state sponsorship.
Once you successfully obtain state sponsorship, you can continue with the Skilled Visa process.

To obtain an Australian Visa, contact Pathways Visas at +971 4 456 1304,, or visit us at We will make the immigration process easy and painless. So much so that you’ll soon be saying “G’Day” just like an Aussie!