7 Reasons Australia Tops the List of the Best Places to Live and Work

The latest survey conducted by Best Countries and featured in the US News website reveals Australia as the seventh best country that people love living in or would like to live in globally.

This does not come as a surprise to many since Australia is rich in resources and offers various attractive career opportunities for both locals and immigrants. Australia is also a country teeming with well-known beautiful natural and man-made landmarks and, therefore, offers a lot to anyone who loves discovering places and going on adventures.

If you want to know the specific reasons why Australian immigration continues to rise, read on.

1. Australia is an economic powerhouse

The top reason why Australia is the best place to live and work in is that the country has one of the most stable economies in the world. Earlier this year, the country’s economy experienced 1 percent growth which exceeded the expectations of local economists.

One of the reasons behind this, of course, is that the different industries here are booming as well. New businesses are constantly opening, and the country receives a steady stream of investors from different parts of the world, too.

2. Employment opportunities abound

Due to its stable and well-developed economy, businesses from various parts of the country are always in need of workers. They need immigrants who have the necessary skills, training, and background to fill its many vacancies in the labor force.

Employment opportunities offered to immigrants here are more attractive than the ones offered in their home countries and in other countries as well. Pay rates are higher here and more benefits are given to all workers.

3. High standard of living

The standard of living in Australia is higher than in most other countries. This is mainly because the country is rich in more ways than one.

The country’s healthcare system is considered one of the best in the world since it covers all citizens’ hospitalization and medical payments in public hospitals.

Australia also has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Because of this, the country is also considered one of the safest places to live in.

In addition, the country’s public transport system is quite impressive. Their facilities are topnotch, convenient, easy, and safe to use to go around within cities and outside.

Lastly, Australia housing facilities are built to high standards as well. Various laws are already in place and will soon be implemented to make quality housing more affordable to all residents.

4. Excellent educational system

The country’s educational system is definitely first-rate and always rates high on worldwide rankings. Education is free in government-run primary and secondary schools. Australia also has a number of topnotch private schools that offer primary and secondary level education.

Additionally, there is no lack of outstanding and reputable universities and colleges here. There will be opportunities for you to gain higher education or to update your skills and qualifications.

If you will be immigrating with your family or you and your spouse are already planning on having kids, you will be sure they will have access to quality education once you are established in Australia.

5. Multicultural environment

Since Australia is an immigrant-friendly country, racial discrimination is uncommon here. No matter which state or city you head to, you can be sure you will meet other expats from your country and other parts of the world.

If you have always wanted to learn more about other cultures, you will be able to do this in Australia, too. The country is a cultural melting pot and, as such, you will have various opportunities to get to know other cultures through art exhibits, and film and music festivals.

You can also dive into other cultures through culinary journeys. There are numerous restaurants and food events here that showcase various cuisines — all of which will give you an idea of the rich traditions and heritage of other nationalities.

6. Magnificent natural sceneries and pleasant climate

Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It has numerous stunning beaches, pristine forests, and breathtaking mountains. If you want to live in a country where you can find the perfect work-play balance, the Land Down Under should be your destination.

The climate in Australia complements the laidback lifestyle here as well.

Although it can get pretty hot during summer, many areas have pleasant, warm summers. Winters are mild as well so you can enjoy and explore everything the country has to offer any time of the year.

7. Immigrant-friendly migration laws

Finally, Australia’s migration program has always been accommodating to immigrants. They are clear-cut, easy to understand and follow.

As long as you have the skills set and meet other requirements, you can get an Australia visa and work legally in the country. You will also be able to bring your family, and they will enjoy the same benefits you have and even more for under-aged kids.

Once you are in Australia, you and your family can gain citizenship in the future once you meet the eligibility criteria.

If you’re currently seeking greener pastures abroad, put Australia on top of your list. It is one of the best countries where you can seek career advancement and better quality living. It is also an exceptional country where you can enjoy the outdoors and be introduced to different cultures.

To find out if you qualify for an Australian skilled migration visa, be sure to use our free online Immigration Assessment tool.