8 Most Compelling Reasons to Move to Canada

It’s no wonder why many people want to migrate to Canada; it truly is one of the most popular go-to destinations for expats around the world. Loaded with opportunities for personal growth, people looking for a better quality of life will find it a perfect country to move to.

This beautiful, unpopulated country with great healthcare and educational systems proudly welcomes migrants. So if you’re searching for a new place you can call “home” overseas, here are eight compelling reasons to consider Canada over others.

1. An excellent education system

When you choose to migrate to Canada, you and your family will then have access to the country’s exceptional education system. No matter the citizen’s background, the country highly values education and ensures that everyone has access to it.

In fact, compared to other countries in the world, Canada government spends more on education.

2. A low crime rate

Around the world, many envy Canada’s low crime rate. Gun ownership is nearly four times less than that of the US, which boosts the country’s reputation globally and makes Canadians feel safer.

This is partly due to the stringent and lengthy process of getting a license and firearm compared to the US.

3. Immigrant-friendliness

About 20% of Canadian citizens are foreign-born, making it one of the most multicultural countries in the world. The country’s diverse population helps make Canadian residents warm and hospitable to new immigrants. As a matter of fact, the 2015 Legatum Global Prosperity Index disclosed that approximately 92% of Canadians are liberal towards ethnic minorities.

Canada’s regulations for immigration are also not as meticulous compared to other countries, making it easier for you to qualify. Even during the world recession, Canada remains to be the largest immigration delivery support hub.

4. Free basic healthcare

Another great reason to migrate to Canada is that both citizens and permanent residents have access to free basic healthcare. Medical treatments are typically free at your point of use. Every province has a health budget and issues health cards to all qualified residents to access the healthcare they need.

Depending on what type of visa you have, you may also receive a health card as an immigrant.Make sure to do your research on Canada’s healthcare provisions beforehand just in case you require private insurance.

5. Economic stability

When migrating overseas, one should also consider the financial and practical benefits of residing in a specific country. Fortunately, Canada bears one of the toughest economies and has a wide variety of career options for aspiring migrants.

The banking system in Canada is the core of its strong economy and has been voted for seven consecutive years as the most stable by the World Economic Forum. As you settle into a new home, Canada’s financial security will enable you to enjoy a good quality of life.

Naturally Rich

The stable economy of Canada is founded upon the strong groundwork of its natural wealth. Large incomes from gold, iron, copper, oil and gas all influence the country’s notable GDP.

Furthermore, Canada’s natural wealth benefits the tourism industry as travelers from around the world flock to see this location.

6. Great employment opportunities

If you are an eligible skilled worker planning to move to Canada, there are immense employment opportunities available to you. Due to the current labor shortage, the country needs thousands of foreign workers to fill jobs in high-demand occupations.

Compared to other countries, you don’t have to worry about recruitment biases. Companies focus on choosing candidates based on merit and nothing else.

7. Truly picturesque sceneries

With a stunning rural area, Canada boasts vast scenery as the second largest country in the world. From snow-sprinkled peaks to infinite woodlands, Canada at every turn will take your breath away. You won’t get bored when there’s a great place to explore or seek out for adventures every weekend or holiday, whether you like to travel solo, in groups or with the whole family.

Some examples of the most popular natural attractions you can enjoy are:

  • Banff National Park in Alberta
  • Quebec’s Laurentian Mountains
  • Niagara Falls in Ontario
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Capilano River area in British Columbia

8. Cultural diversity

From its conception until now, Anglo-French culture is deeply seated in Canada’s national identity. This is why it comes as no surprise that Canada is still one of the most diverse nations.

As the government protects multiculturalism, you can be sure to hear different foreign languages being spoken by the people around you as you walk down the streets.

For an immigrant, Canada makes it easier for you to settle into a new life as respect and acceptance are a part of national consciousness. So if you are more than willing to meet and embrace new people and a country vibrant with life and promise, Canada is an ideal place for you.

There are many reasons or motivations for a person to choose to migrate to Canada. Whatever your reasons are, one thing’s for sure: You have a desire for a better life. For endless possibilities of a bright future for you and your family, and to enjoy a stress-free relocation, get in touch with our Canadian immigration consultants in Dubai now.