Short Stay Visas for Denmark Are Common

Danish and other Schengen visas allow you to stay in these countries for short periods. Short-stay visas are only valid for less than 90 days. The Danish government prohibits the use of this visa by those looking for employment. This means a visa is not enough to provide you the right to work in Denmark.

Danish Visas normally grant you the authority to stay in the Schengen Region. There are now 24 countries within the Schengen Region: Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Denmark, France, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Iceland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia, Portugal, Sweden, and Spain. A Danish visa grants you the authority to spend a maximum of 3 months in Denmark, or up to 6 months within the Schengen region. If other Schengen countries have already granted you a certain type of re-entry or residence permit, then you are not obliged to apply for a visa just to enter Denmark. If Liechtenstein or Switzerland granted you certain residence permits, then you can travel throughout Denmark but only for 5 days.  

We understand that these regulations are complex.  Pathways Visa can help you interpret all the details.