Applying for a Skilled Permanent Immigration Visa to Canada? Read This First

There are plenty of work opportunities for the dedicated individual that can be found in Canada.

One of the primary goals of Canadian immigration is to welcome skilled workers who will contribute to the country’s growing economy. Skilled workers who become permanent residents are valuable not just to the country’s economy, but also to the strength of its workforce.

If you are thinking of becoming a skilled worker here, here are some of the crucial things you must know about applying for a skilled permanent immigration visa.

Key Benefits of a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa

Once you successfully receive a Canadian Immigration Visa, you can immigrate to Canada with your family. And if you are capable of bringing significant cultural and economic benefit to Canada, you will be granted a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa.

The best thing about having a permanent resident visa would be the social benefits it brings. You will be able to study anywhere in the nation, as well as get healthcare coverage.

Furthermore, you will be given the opportunity to apply for Canadian citizenship. The chance of acceptance and approval are high if you have a skilled job and a valid contribution to Canada’s economy.

Canadian Immigration Programs to Consider

As a skilled worker, there are different programs available to you.

For instance, you can submit an application through the Provincial Nominee Programs if you know which specific territory you plan to live in. Other programs include the Quebec Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Worker, and the new Global Skills Visa program.

Here is a rundown of these programs:

  • Provincial Nominee Programs

    There are provinces and territories with skilled worker programs for professionals who intend to live and work in their specific territory or province. From this program, you will be provided a provincial nomination certificate and this document can help speed up the immigration process for you better than other programs.

  • Quebec Skilled Worker

    Want to immigrate to Quebec? If you have the right skill, this program can be your best shot.

  • Federal Skilled Worker

    If you have specific work experience and your goal is to live in any territory or province outside the province of Quebec, then this program is suitable for you.

  • Global Skills Visa

    This new visa program will help companies to hire skilled workers from overseas. While the immigration process would typically take a year, this program will allow companies to bring in foreign skilled workers within two weeks.

    However, the companies must ensure that the economy of the country will directly benefit from hiring the skilled workers and that no one else in Canada is capable of doing the job.

Today, there are plenty of Canadian employers searching for foreign skilled workers to be a part of their workforce as quickly as possible. So if you can get a job offer from a Canadian employer, consider a fast-track Canadian movement application.


Before you will be granted a Skilled Permanent Immigration Visa to Canada, you must meet the criteria of the Canadian government. These requirements include:

  • Educational background
  • Proficiency in the English and French language
  • Related work experience
  • Ability to adapt quickly
  • Valid employment in Canada

If you have all these requirements, you can begin completing your application. The application form can be downloaded online. For skilled workers, consider downloading it from the skilled worker’s application module.

Answer all the questions truthfully and provide accurate details. Any discrepancies in your form will make your application invalid. Also, do not send in incomplete forms.

The length of time it will take for you to migrate to Canada will depend on your case and country of origin. It may take from several months up to almost two years to complete all the steps involved in the Canada immigration process from UAE, for instance. But the Canadian government gives time frames on their website for reference.


After filling up the form and completing all the requirements, you will be required to make the fee payment. In case you are not qualified, the fee will be refunded to your account. Once payment is done, your application form will be sent to the Canadian centres.

Keeping Your Status

After you have obtained your permanent resident visa, you must comply with certain rules that will enable you to maintain your status.

For instance, you have to be physically present in Canada for a cumulative period of two years for every five-year segment of residency. Your residency time can be accumulated when:

  • You travel outside of the country with a common-law partner or spouse who has Canadian citizenship
  • You are accompanying your spouse who is on an assignment
  • You are deployed in another country as a Canadian public service or a Canadian company

Canada offers many opportunities for skilled workers like you. The immigration process is tough, but it is not impossible. It will become truly successful if you adhere to the specific guidelines and work with the right immigration consultants.

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