Study in Germany!

Germany not only has many excellent universities, including universities of applied sciences, but also offers a variety of scholarship opportunities to help students finance a their studies. Because of this Germany is an attractive location for international students.

There are three different types of German visas for students:

  • A Study Applicant Visa– for those who have applied for a course at a university in Germany and have already received a confirmation letter.
  • A Student Visa – for those who have applied for a course at a university and have received an admission letter.
  • A Language Course Visa – for those who want to take a language course in Germany. It is important to note that a Language Course Visa cannot be converted into a Study Applicant’s Visa or Student Visa in Germany. So if you want to take a course at a German university immediately after your language course, you should apply now for a Study Applicant’s Visa or a Student Visa (these cover both the language course and the university course). Otherwise you will have to come back to the United Arab Emirates after the language course is finished and apply again.

To ensure that you receive your visa in time, please apply at least two or three months prior to your intended move to Germany. 

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