BIG BIG Thanks,

heto yung testi ko sa inyo, nasend ko na rin kay Ms. Marium.

SUCCESS. Pathways Visas handled my PR application in a very professional manner. They gave me a time frame of 12-18 months, but if I would not count my own delays like collecting all needed documents (2 months) securing my police clearance from Philippines (1 month) then their total working time on my case is only 11 months.

I would like to thank Ms. Kristine and Ms. Marium for their very clear and simple yet effective guidance. They told me what I needed to prepare even before I signed up with them. I was aiming for a temporary visa only because of my limited qualifications but they knew I have better options and ended up with a PR visa.

I would strongly recommend Pathways Visas, but as an applicant you must do your share of hard work and cooperation.