The UK’s Tier 1 Programme Provides a New Route For Immigration

Changes in the UK’s policy have led to increased interest in investment as a route to citizenship. Although, surprisingly immigration has not been made easier. There have been more restrictions on existing programmes and the cancellation of some, so this has led to an increased interest in the Tier 1 Programme.

The Tier 1 Programme offers two options: a large investment (at least GBP1 million, with GBP750k of that being invested in the UK), or entrepreneurship with the options of applying for indefinite stay and British citizenship. Both programmes have seen a considerable increase in applications. The more you invest, the faster you can get a permanent residence. If you invest GBP10 million, you could get residence in just 2 years. The entrepreneur route is the less expensive option, however, personal involvement is required. You can invest GBP200,000 to establish a business, which in turn allows you to remain in control of your investment. Two people can apply as an “entrepreneurial team” using the same GBP200k funds.
There is no requirement to speak English for the investor visa. However, English skills are assessed for the entrepreneur visa.
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