Want Your Family To Join You In Canada? Things You Need For Successful Family Visa Application


Family reunification is one of the key goals of Canada’s immigration policy. The Canadian Government understands that families desire to be together, this is why it permits for closed members of the family to be sponsored for a Canada Family Visa.

To apply for a Family Visa in Canada, it is mandatory that your sponsor is a Canadian citizen or is a permanent resident. In some cases, you may also be required to be living and working in the country at the time of application.

Benefits of Canada Family Visa

Once your family gets the visa, it allows them to:

  • Live and work in Canada permanently
  • Study in Canada
  • Receive subsidized health care benefits through Medicare
  • Apply for Canadian citizenship


For successful application of your Canada Family Visa, you must be aware of the visa requirements and eligibility criteria – which differ as per the nature of relation.

Let us have a look at the different Canada family visa requirements.

1. Spouses and Partners

Your partner or common-law partner can be included in your own application for immigration. A common-law partner is a person of any sex (including same-sex partners) who has been living with you for the past one year. While sponsoring your partner or spouse, you will have to provide all the mandatory details, similar to that of your own application.

2. Children

You can sponsor dependent children under the age of 19. However, kids with any kind of physical and/or mental disability can’t be included in this visa type.

3. Parents and Grandparents

Your parents can’t be included with your initial visa application. They are to be sponsored by a permanent resident or citizen. Exceptions are considered on compelling humanitarian and sympathetic reasons, wherein they can be allowed to be included on the initial application.

Visa Requirements

Other than the required documents, authorized ID proofs; your family will also be needed to take the IELTS exam (International English Language Testing System) – common for every application type.

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