Visa-Free Travel for Emiratis to Germany May Occur But Not Yet

Germany has recently repeated its pledge to allow visa-free travel for Emiratis to Europe. The German Government believes that allowing Emiratis to travel freely to Germany would benefit both countries who already work together on business and trade. But despite levels of support the move has not yet been accepted.  So in the meantime you will need a visa to travel to Germany. 

The Visa Section of the German Consulate in Dubai is currently the 9th biggest Visa Section of the Federal Republic of Germany, providing over 54,000 visa applicants a year with over 190 nationalities.  However, the good news is that on 1st August 2012, the law implementing the EU’s Blue Card Directive went into force. The new law streamlines the visa application process and right of residence procedures for skilled professionals from the UAE. The EU Blue Card is a residence permit issued by an EU member state in accordance with the new EU guidelines for highly qualified workers from abroad. 

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