UAE Expats.Did you know that you might be denied Visitor Visa from Australia?

UAE Expats

Did you know that you might be denied Visitor Visa from Australia?

Believe it or not this is what the Australian government has posted for UAE citizens who need a Temporary Visitor Visa:

“We suggest that you check with your nearest UAE consulate or embassy whether you require a visa to be issued in your passport prior to flying to the UAE.”

If this statement confuses you you are not alone.  Where do you start?  How can you be sure that your visa application will be accepted?  

The Problems You Could Face.

  • Many people from the United Arab Emirates think they can easily get a Visitor Visa to Australia by simply scheduling a tour or booking reservation in a hotel.  But many find out that this process is a lot more complicated than they thought.
  • Some people are so confused when trying to fill out Australian visa forms that they simply give up.
  • The Australian government processes so many visas from the UAE and other countries that they do not have the time to help you.
  • Applying for a Visitor Visa through the Australian government is so confusing that many people from the UAE end up being denied. This is not only frustrating, but also wastes valuable time and money.
  • And if you have hotel reservations or a tour scheduled you may miss your scheduled trip and may have to pay for reservations that you will never use. Why would you take this risk?

This is why you need an expert immigration specialist who understands the process and who knows what steps you must take.  Why risk your time, money and experience unnecessary disappointment when Pathway Visas can help you easily get an Australian Visitor Visa quickly and easily?

  We can make sure all documentation is in order so there is less chances of rejection. We can also help your family members apply and be accepted as well.  

The Travel Visa Specialists from Pathway Visas will ensure that you get your Visitor Visa to Australia on time and without undue stress.

Travel to Australia is a life-changing experience.  It is an exciting place to visit, and the terrain and sites are so different than those in the UAE.  Don’t let your trip be ruined with unnecessary delays or incomplete paperwork.  Pathway Visas will get you off on your visit to Australia quickly and easily.

For more information, contact one of our Australian Visa experts by calling +971 4 456 1304 or emailing   Or simply complete our Free Assessment at on top right.  We’ll have you off to beautiful Australia before you can say “Put the shrimp on the barbie!”