What Makes Canada A Great Place To Live And Work?

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Since 1994, the United Nations has rated Canada as the best country in the world to live in, a number of times. Aside from the stunning scenery, the great variety of pastimes, the lively cities, the friendly people (and the maple syrup), there are lots of other great reasons for emigrating to Canada:

Canada’s visa requirements

Canadian immigration policy is a lot more relaxed than other countries, like the neighbouring US for example. While other countries have cut the number of immigrants they are taking in due to the worldwide recession, Canada have not cut their immigration quotas. This means Canadian immigration is one of the easiest to qualify for. Canada offers a great range of visa options for people thinking of moving there to live and work. Plus, Canada’s tourist visa requirements are quite achievable should your friends and family from back home want to visit you.

Canada’s economy

The Canadian economy is healthy and growing, unlike the economy of many other countries around the world. This mean job prospects are good, as is the standard of living. Taxes however, are low. Canada has plenty of job opportunities for qualified and skilled migrants, and their minimum wage, as of Oct 2015, is $10.50.

Social security

Canada offers the highest level of social security benefits to immigrants and their families, giving you a bit of back-up support should you need it. Their education and healthcare systems are also superb and heavily funded by the government.

Canadian freedom

Once you have met the Canada migration requirements and have your visa you are able to live and work anywhere in the country. Canada is a country of great freedom – whether it’s where you live or work, your religion, or how you express yourself.

Canadian security

Excellent policing, along with strict gun control laws and a renowned justice system mean Canada is a safe and secure option when you’re considering emigrating, especially for families. Crime rates are low and continue to fall.

The Canadian welcome

The people of Canada are famously friendly and welcoming, and their government adopts a similar approach. People are actively encouraged to consider emigrating to Canada to work and live, and a multicultural, international society is highly valued by its residents.

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