Which Country Gives You An Easier Migration Visa: Australia or Canada?


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For very different reasons, Australia and Canada have long been considered two of the world’s most desirable countries to emigrate to. Australia has the climate, the beaches and the laid-back lifestyle, while Canada consistently comes near the top of the class in quality of life surveys and debates. But which one is easier to emigrate to?

Australian visa application

Australia used to be much simpler and more relaxed when it came to getting a proper work visa, but the rules have tightened considerably in recent years. Australia has differing regulations for different states, so check the rules for the specific state or get expert advice before you start your application for an Australian visa.

An Australian visit visa application is a straightforward way to get into Australia and can be arranged for three, six or even 12 months. If you are on a visitor’s visa then you cannot work – unless you are 18 – 30 years old, and then you can apply for a working holiday visa.

For others, a skilled worker immigration visa might be the best way into Australia, although doctors and specialist farm workers have their own Australian immigration application process and a relatively straightforward path into the country.

Canadian visa application

Canada is well known for inviting foreign talent to set up shop on its shores and has a variety of visas. Temporary foreign workers and students can apply for immigration to Canada with the Canadian Experience Class, a kind of taster programme to see if Canadian life suits you and you fit in well, while live-in caregivers can also get through the red tape relatively easily.

Investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed people get their own visa to apply for immigration to Canada and then there are skilled workers, who will find an open door policy as long as they fulfil basic criteria. Temporary workers are encouraged to apply for permanent residence through the Provincial Nominees system, which can fast track an application for permanent residency. So most people can apply for Canada immigration.

In the end…

If you are aged between 18 and 30, it can be easier to get a visa to Australia, as barring criminal convictions, most people are eligible for a working holiday visa that gives you relative freedom and a chance to taste Australian life and get a job to keep paying for it.

If you are over 30, though, Canada may well be the one to go for as its relaxed rules on temporary visas and the fact you can apply to extend your stay and turn it into a permanent stay through an established nominee system make it an attractive option.

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