Work in Germany!

Germany is the largest national economy in Europe.  They are a driver, innovator, and beneficiary of today’s globalized economy.  Germany is the world’s largest exporter and one of the most industrious and prosperous countries in the world.

Germany implemented the European Union’s Directive on Highly Qualified Workers on 1 August 2012. It eases immigration regulations for qualified workers from non-EU countries. In addition, the EU Blue Card introduces a new residence permit, which aims to make Germany more attractive to highly trained workers from abroad through a long-term perspective. Because of this many people want to work in Germany.

To apply for a work visa for Germany you must submit your application in person at Pathways Visa. Applications take about 1-3 months to be processed. After the application has been approved you will be issued a residence permit in the form of a visa.(Scientists holding a scholarship by a German scientific organization may be granted a residence permit within only a few days by the Consular Mission.) A final residence and work permit will be granted in Germany after your arrival.

Pathway Visas can help you with all the details.  For more information call us at: +971 4 456 1304 or visit us on the web at: