Canada Is One of the Best Places to Work and Live

Are you considering a move to Canada?  If not, perhaps you should!Did you know that The United Nations ranks Canada as one of the best countries in the world to live and work?  With over 200,000 people moving to Canada every year it is one of the world’s prime immigration destinations. Canada grants over 320,000 Federal Skilled Migration Visas each year to qualified people who want to work in one of their provinces, including Québec.  Workers from the UAE and the rest of the Gulf can apply to the province of their choice and immigrate under the Canadian Skilled Migration Program. The skilled-worker category is a popular visa program and a vehicle for those with high levels of skills and work experience to gain entry into Canada. People with in-demand skills like computer software professionals, healthcare professionals, and engineers, and those with proficiencies in the English and French languages can often gain entry more easily under special rules.  Plus once accepted into the program you can apply for a permanent residency, and you can apply to bring your family with you. So if you are looking for a new life, and new career opportunities, why not consider relocating to Canada?

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