489 – Skilled Regional (Provisional)

To apply for this type of entry permit must be working in a job that is on the Consolidated Skilled Occupation List (CSOL). If your occupation is on the list you will then need to have the correct amount of points based on your age, training and education, work experience and finally your English language ability.

Benefits of this type of permit:

Once your application has been approved:

​You and your family are able to live and work in Australia temporarily

​You can study in Australia

​After living and working in Australia you will be eligible for Permanent Residency which leads to Australian citizenship

Things you need to know about this Permit

​This is a four-year temporary Permit which requires you to live and work in a regional area such as Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania or the non-metropolitan areas of New South Wales (NSW) and Western Australia.

​You can study in Australia

​After living and working in Australia you will be eligible for permanent residency which leads to Australian citizenship.

What is needed?

​We would need to submit your skills assessment to the relevant assessing authority. This stage can be a complex and confusing process, but not to worry, we have the experience and knowledge to ensure that this stage will go smoothly and is stress free.

​The IELTS exam (International English Language Testing System) is part of every Skilled Migration application. Every case is different when it comes to what you need to score, and as part of our assessment we will be able to advise you through what is needed.

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