Move to Canada With Family

In order to apply for the Work Permit you will need to have a job offer from a company in Canada.

Benefits of this 

Once your permit has been approved:

​You and your family can live and work anywhere in Canada
​You and your family can live in Canada for up to 3 years
Your family can work full time and also study

​During your 3-year stay, you may apply for permanent residence which then leads to citizenship for your family and yourself.

What is needed?

​You will need to provide us with an official Job Offer from Canada and a Labour Market Opinion which is issued to Canadian employers from the HRDC (Human Resources Department of Canada).

​The IELTS exam (International English Language Testing System): every case is different when it comes to what you need to score, and as part of our assessment we will be able to advise you through what is needed.

​Once you have provided us with these documents you can leave the rest to us!

Take our free online assessment to see if you are eligible for a Canadian Work Permit.