Denmark Green Card Scheme

A residence work permit valid for up to three years can be granted to individuals who are able to meet the points criteria. Green Card holders will be allowed to work and settle in Denmark.

Benefits of this visa
​Fast processing time of 6 to 8 months
​Pathway to Denmark Permanent Immigration
​Possibility to apply for an extension for up to 4 years
​Children under 18, spouse or registered partner can be included in the Visa application
​After getting a Permanent Residence Permit you can get the benefits of free medical insurance and free education for children
​You can apply for Danish citizenship if you have lived in Denmark for 9 years
​Opportunity to work in any European Union country if you are a Danish Citizen or a Permanent Residence holder
​You can travel visa free to all Schengen Zone countries

What is needed?
​Must score the minimum points based on education and training, language skills, work experience, age and adaptability
​Full health insurance for you and for your dependents
​You must show that you have enough funds to support yourself and dependents for at least 1 year during your stay in Denmark.

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