Toyin Onigbogi

Our joy knows no bound when we received our visa grant letters. We are very grateful to Almighty God who made every process successful.

We will be ingrates if we do not thank Kristine Tan who gave us an initial call and opportunity to process this visa. She earns our respect.

We are also grateful to Mr Christian Levi who through his professionalism and expertise coupled with his good communication skill started the visa procedures and completed it without any issue. He is so skillful that he allayed my fear at some point during the process. He knows everything about the Australia visa procedures. Mr Christian’s advice from the beginning to the end worked like a miracle. He is calm and knows how to handle situation under pressure. Apart from aforementioned qualities, he is highly intelligent.

The Pathwayvisas company deserves my gratitudes for sticking with our contract terms and did not request extra charge despite the delay of the visa. They pick up my calls and return emails immediately. They are honest. I dealt with them without visiting their company location.

However, there is no one with abundant strengths without an atom of weakness. I would like to recommend that Pathwayvisas should send a monthly email regularly to their clients whose visa grants are delayed. This will be a solace to them and assurance that the company has them at heart.

To cap it all, I will once again say , Thank you Kristine Tan, very many thank you’s to Christian Levi and Millions of thanks to Pathwayvisas.

Toyin Onigbogi

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