Visa Assistance Agency in Dubai – Going to Canada for 5 Reasons

Canada CoastlineThere are several reasons why you should go to Canada. You may have family or relatives living there and you may want to join them. Or you just have a girlfriend or a boyfriend there and you want to be together. It could be endless and people may disagree with you. Not everyone wants to leave their own country and live in another. The UAE is where you were born, where you grew up, went to school, and met some of the most amazing people who you now call friends. But still, you want to call a visa assistance agency in Dubai. Going to Canada could be the next best thing for you and not just for your own reasons. Let us also give ours.


5 Reasons why you will love Canada


  1. Income is Canada is not just good, it is better than in most countries including the UAE. Several surveys have shown that the average household in Canada earns more than average compared to many nations. It is ranked in the top ten highest household wealth in the whole world.


  1. Housing is better and more affordable. Most first world nations have very expensive housing especially when it is located in major cities. In Canada, nine out of 10 families are happy and satisfied with their houses and the facilities.


  1. They have cleaner environment. One of the greenest countries that you can live in is Canada. They are very strict when it comes to their waste disposal. The water and air pollution is way better compared to other first world nations.


  1. Health and insurance. It is a well-known fact that Canada has a great health care system. The insurance companies and the government give the people the health care that they need and deserve without making it difficult for them. There are nations where the government and insurance companies try to save a lot of money by denying procedures and treatments. This is why life expectancy in Canada reaches 81 on average.


  1. Canada is one of the safest countries on the planet. While the average assault cases are at 4% in first world countries, Canada is at 1.3%. This number is way below average.  People are generally friendly and very helpful. The rate of homicide is at 1.6% while the average is at 2.2%. You can be almost be sure that if you move there, your family will be safe.


However, with all these reasons, you need to be sure that you are indeed ready to leave your own country behind and move to another. Although, you can never be a hundred percent ready for the future, you need to have a firm resolve. You can seek help from an agency in Dubai. Going to Canada should be as smooth as possible. Or you can call us at Pathwayvisas and let us help you with your visa applications.

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