Work in the U.S.!

The United States welcomes thousands of foreign workers from Dubai and the UAE in various occupations every year. These include artists, researchers, cultural exchange participants, information technology specialists, religious workers, investors, scientists, athletes, nurses, agricultural workers and others.

You must obtain permission to work legally in the United States. Each employment category for admission has different requirements, conditions and authorized periods of stay. It is important that you adhere to the terms of your application or petition for admission and visa. If you violate this, it will result in your removal or denial of re-entry into the United States.

You can apply as for a nonimmigrant visa for a temporary period of time, and once in the United States, you will be restricted to the activity or reason for which your nonimmigrant visa was issued.

If you have an offer of temporary employment from an American company, they should petition the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service. Once the petition is approved, you will receive an approval notice, and can apply for a temporary work visa by making an appointment with a specialist at Pathways Visa.

Pathway Visas can help you with all the details.  For more information call us at: +971 4 456 1304 or visit us on the web at:

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